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Given that the NSWRA forum hosted a discussion about Solo Rogaining in 24 hour events, it would appear that some members of the Rogaining community want to rogaine solo in longer events. On average, about 20% of competitors in the NSWRA 3 hour Minigaine are solo rogainers, so some of them might consider Solo Rogaining in longer events if they had the opportunity - and if the rules allowed it.

On the NSW Rogaining blog under "Strategic Plan – What's Wrong with Rogaining" – Shanti wrote in November 2018 "I find that the main thing holding me back is finding a partner (the partner finding service is great for this and I usually have success, but a lot of people might not want to walk around the bush for a day with a complete stranger). The 3 hour ones are great because you can do them individually but it would be nice if some of the 6 hour Metrogaines had an individual option."

Chris Stevenson (current [2019] NSWRA committee member) has safety concerns about Solo Rogaining, but is on record as saying "When we have a reliable continuous tracking system available to use, I would support a rule change to have solo participation."

In a reply to the Go Your Own Way post on the NSWRA Forum, Keelan Birch stated "I'd enter every one like that if I could. The rogaine I learnt the most from was the solo Minigaine – more so than winning NSW 8hr, Lake Mac etc. I think you are missing out on entries from the orienteering / trail / ultra running community too ... I'd be - and I'm sure others would be - willing to pay $20 more (to enter a rogaine) if I had to hire a tracking device of some description."

In the same forum Michael Burton said "The requirement to be in a team was always a big drawback in my Rogaining days, for there was always the issue of how do I find a partner? Perhaps I was cursed for being too competitive, for a rogaine for me was not a matter of a gentle stroll through the bush, but a question of how far and fast I could go in the time allowed?"

Michael went on to say "Arthur Kingsland and I had our "glory days" and a string of Paddy's to our name a couple of decades ago. But when my partner fell foul to injury I never found anyone to replace him, and dropped away myself. Occasionally I'd opt up for the solo Minigaines. If only the Paddy had allowed solo runs I might have stayed on and rogained more, rather than being another drop-out from the cause."

How many rogainers are there like Michael, who have dropped out of the sport because they can't find a partner? How many regular rogainers are there who miss out on going into some rogaines because their usual partners are unavailable? How many potential rogainers are there who can't find a partner or would prefer Solo Rogaining?

If there is nobody out there who wants to rogaine solo, why not allow it? If there are lots of people out there who want to rogaine solo, why ban it?

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