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Solo Rogaining barely exists.

The Rules of Rogaining specifically forbid Solo Rogaining, but for unknown reasons it is allowed in some short rogaines in both Australia and overseas. It is not allowed in longer events, and in New South Wales it has officially been banned in events longer than 3 hours!

We want Solo Rogaining allowed in every rogaine held anywhere in the world.

Rogaining is defined in its rules as a sport for teams rather than individuals. The Rules of Rogaining prohibit Solo Rogaining (sort of) without giving us any reasons why this is so, although they do hint at possible reasons. Because the reasons prohibiting Solo Rogaining are not known, it is difficult to provide counter-arguments. All we can do is promote the cause of solo rogainers everywhere - in New South Wales (the home state of Solo Rogaining Australia),in the rest of Australia, and around the world.

This website will describe the sport of Rogaining, briefly look at its origins, show how it is governed, provide links to its rules, and offer suggestions as to why we believe Solo Rogaining has been banned since the sport began. As will be shown on this website, the various rogaining associations around the world have the power to allow Solo Rogaining, and many already allow it for rogaines of relatively short duration, but not for longer events.

The rules actually say that if Solo Rogaining is allowed, it would threaten the existence of the sport - but there are no explanations in the rules why the rule-makers believe this to be so ...

We would like to see Solo Rogaining allowed in all rogaines - short and long, national championships and world championships. We believe that if Solo Rogaining was allowed in all rogaines, the sport could go from being the niche pastime of a handful of devotees, to a massively successful international phenomenon.

After all, there is no sport like Rogaining!

Definition of Rogaining
Rogaining is the sport of long distance, cross-country navigation for teams, involving route planning and travelling on foot, using map and compass to find checkpoints of different points values in any order to amass the highest score possible within a set amount of time which can vary from 2 hours to 24 hours.

Origin of the Sport
Rogaining developed from a number of different sources including 24 hour walks and shorter orienteering vents. Initially, almost all Rogaining events were 24 hour events, and this is still the standard for state, national and world championships. The first Rogaining association in Australia was formed in Victoria in 1976.

Governing Bodies
Each state and territory in Australia now has a Rogaining association. There is also an Australian Rogaining Association (ARA) - the national peak body for the sport in Australia. The sport has spread around the world and the international peak body - the International Rogaining Federation (IRF) - was formed in 2010.

The pages on this website were designed to be read consecutively, but you can jump from section to section if you wish - and you don't have to do it in a team!

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Solo Rogaining is the obvious next step

Some walks you have to take alone